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Before midnight! I can do this!

Anyway, today’s page is a little bit more about how bountiful this year is in the Shire. The ol’ 1420 vintage becomes a point of reference when discussing anything of value in the future. (By the way, it’s the year 1420 in the Shire reckoning.)

The next part deals with Sam’s romantic interests and living situation. Frodo wants him to come live at Bag End, but will that sit well with Sam’s new flame?

Only if there's dancing.

Only if there’s dancing.

Frodo has a solution: Sam will marry Rosie, and they will both come to live at Bag End! Apparently…that’s not as bad of an idea as I think it sounds.

First Mentions:

-Widow Rumble: An older hobbit woman who takes care of the Gaffer. Secret romance?

I forgot, there is also a brief mention that Frodo falls ill during the month of March while Sam’s away doing his Johnny Appleseed work. The date is significant somewhat, as the ring was destroyed in March of the previous year. I do not know, however, how this plays into things. Frodo is ill on March 13th, and the ring was destroyed on the 25th. Perhaps there’s something I’m missing, but all the days ran together in Mordor, so I can’t be sure exactly what was happening on that day (the 13th) back in that last leg of the journey.

Nevertheless, my chief concern of this page is with Frodo’s idea to have Sam and Rosie live with him. I mean, I hear Bag End is quite a large hobbit hole, but does it make sense for the married couple to come live with Frodo, the third wheel? Perhaps this is about Frodo being cared for, but I still don’t see how it makes sense. Sam is a gardener, after all, not a house servant.

Everyone could really use a butler built into your door.

Everyone could really use a butler built into your door.

Speaking of other living situations, Frodo and Sam were staying with the Cottons all this time while Bag End was being repaired and refurnished. Merry and Pippin brought over Frodo’s belongings from his house at Crickhollow. Sam does eventually go back to live with his father when Bagshot Row is rebuilt as well. I presume Frodo stays with the Cottons during the period in between.

No one dies today.

“And if Sam thought himself lucky,…”

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You know what’s awful? I bonked my finger somehow today at work, and now typing hurts. Couple that with that I have some sort of recurring cramp in my right calf, and I think I’m falling apart.

I'm too young!

I’m too young!

Anyway, today is pretty simple. Aragorn requests that Frodo retrieve the crown and Gandalf give it to him, in respect for their actions in the total victory. Thus the ceremony concludes when Aragorn enters Minas Tirith and walks through the streets up to the citadel. He is now king of Gondor.

Jumping ahead, Aragorn’s reign begins with making judgements on those who have been captured. He makes peace with the wild men of the east and south, and frees the slaves of Mordor. Finally, Beregond is brought to him.

Remember, Beregond apparently did a horrific thing when he killed some guards who were trying to heed Denethor’s wishes and light him on fire. While this was in good faith, disobeying the steward’s orders and shedding blood within the tombs is a worthy crime. Aragorn, however, looks to be a benevolent king. It shouldn’t be too bad.

That's right, Beregond. You sit and think about what you did.

That’s right, Beregond. You sit and think about what you did.

Anywho, we get to know that, in the future, Aragorn is a wonderful king. He brings Minas Tirith to great glory. That isn’t surprising at all.

No one dies today.

“And there were brought before him many to receive his praise and reward for their valour; and last the captain of the Guard brought to him Beregond to be judged.”

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Argent is a color, because I guess maybe that’s a thing people know. I didn’t know that.

And this is pretty.

And this is pretty.

Today’s action is mostly the pageantry of Aragorn meeting Faramir at the gates of Minas Tirith. That, and commentary from Ioreth, our possibly not-so-favorite healer. She’s standing with a cousin, and pretending to know everything about hobbits.

She doesn’t know everything about hobbits.

The ceremony so far is pretty much what you would expect from a transfer of power. Aragorn rides forward with his “people” (Imrahil, Éomer, Gandalf, and the four hobbits), while Faramir rides out with his (Húrin, the Warden of the Keys, Éowyn, Elfhelm, and some other captains). They meet upon the field while all the city watches in silence.

Ioreth is one of those watching, and tries to tell her cousin that the hobbits are princes of some sort. She’s even heard that one of them went with his “esquire” to fight the dark lord all by himself. He set Barad-dûr on fire!

That’s not true. Not even really that close.

Ioreth's new motto.

Ioreth’s new motto.

I’m thankful that a trumpet cuts Ioreth off, because there’s something that just really annoys me about hearing a character go on and on about something that they’re just wrong about. In some ways, it’s disrespectful, and we already jumped on Ioreth and the other healers from the Houses of Healing for being kind of ignorant about certain things. This isn’t helping their case.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:


I checked back to make sure that I wasn’t misspelling things earlier with “perian“. I wasn’t. This is the plural form.

No one dies today.

“Then forth from the Gate went Faramir with Húrin of the Keys, and no others, save that behind them walked four men in the high helms and armour of the Citadel, and they bore a great casket of black lebethron bound with silver.”

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Ugh. Feelings.

Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em.

Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em.

Éowyn says a lot about that she wished she had died in the battle. She wants to die in battle because, I guess, she doesn’t think there’s anything left for her. Faramir counters that that may be the case yet. Again, a huge army of evil could be marching this way any day now. If that’s going to be the case, why don’t they just stick tight?

There’s one problem: Éowyn really wants a room that has an east-facing window. Why? I don’t know, but at least she’ll be able to look out at the ominous clouds over Mordor. Faramir laughs, because that’s a really easy request to fill. Great! Get her a room with an eastern view! Then he professes that he has feelings for her. If she’s going to get this window she wants, she might as well stay in the Houses of Healing with him and make him happier.

Aw…bargaining for love. Isn’t Faramir cute?

Éowyn says that she really doesn’t want to talk much with anyone. She’s clearly in that denial phase. For her, she’d be much better off if she could just sit in her room and stare out at the blackness, emo/goth-style. Faramir’s more of the hippie-type right now. Come on, girl, why don’t we just walk in the garden and talk? Everything is great!

Don't ever dress your kid like this.

Don’t ever dress your kid like this.

Let’s not forget, though, that Faramir is a trained warrior. Éowyn notices on yesterday’s page that he looks like he could put any of Rohan’s riders to shame. So…maybe not a peace-loving hippie, but something of one nonetheless.

No one dies today.

“‘For you and I have both passed under the wings of the Shadow, and the same hand drew us back.'”

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We’re jumping back even more. More? Yeah, more.

Let’s go back in time to only a few days after Aragorn departed from Minas Tirith. Messengers returned to report of the force’s passage from Minas Morgul, but no news has come since then. Everybody basically thinks that Aragorn is riding to his doom. Not only that, but their Steward (Denethor) has recently burnt himself to an insane crisp, and Théoden, king of Rohan, lies in state in their great citadel. Things aren’t looking good in Gondor, and they’re just waiting for another army to come marching their way.

Magic 8-ball understands.

Magic 8-ball understands.

Meanwhile, Éowyn grows restless with her recovery. She demands to be dressed, and rises to confront the warden of the Houses of Healing. This man finally admits that the healers in Minas Tirith aren’t very good at healing. They have become too accustomed to dealing with your average sword wounds so that they don’t know much about anything else. They were told to keep Éowyn in bed, even though she’s clearly doing pretty well. She doesn’t like that.

Of course, Gondor is just falling back into its bad habits developed under Denethor: stagnancy and ignorance. With no news to be heard, everyone assumes the worst and just waits around for the other shoe to drop. Little do they know that things are going well. When Aragorn arrives eventually (where the narrative got to at the end of last chapter), it must be a huge shock. Oh! He isn’t dead?! Yeah, maybe you should pay attention to things sometimes.

Denethor's political platform.

Denethor’s political platform.

How long until we catch up? I don’t know for sure, but I really don’t want to stay in this place long when we just came from a wonderfully happy and uplifting section. We already know the big things that happen to turn this around!

No one dies today.

“‘And it is not always good to be…'”

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Jump on forward. Go on, jump!

The following days are spent wandering and recovering around the woods of Ithilien. Sam wants to see another oliphaunt. It ain’t happening.

Gondor found out they were evil douchebags and killed them all.

Gondor found out they were evil douchebags and killed them all.

Meanwhile, the army is made ready to travel back to Minas Tirith. They head down Anduin in boats near the end of May, and set up camp again outside the city, preparing for Aragorn’s entry and coronation to coincide with the turning of the month.

We hear also that some forces drove into Mordor to attack strongholds that were still held by the enemy. Not sure why these didn’t collapse along with all things built with the power of the ring, but whatever. At least this way it makes it a little bit more sense for the army to have lingered in that part of the world for so long.

Nevertheless, another chapter finds its end. Aragorn’s planned entry into Minas Tirith is important because he declined to do so officially when he first came to the city. Remember, his trip to heal Faramir, Éowyn, and Merry was done in secret.

Wait now, I just remembered that Merry was left alone in Minas Tirith when Aragorn rode away to combat at the Black Gate. He must have recovered and come to the Field of Cormallen sometime recently! I get used to thinking in the movie’s terms, where Merry is present at the Black Gate, but that isn’t what happens in the text.

No one dies today.

“And there in the midst of the fields they set up their pavilions and awaited the morning; for it was the Eve of May, and the King would enter his gates with the rising of the Sun.”

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Okay, okay. So, this is a really big deal. Aragorn motions for Frodo and Sam to come sit by him, and he sings their praises while bowing down before them. A conveniently placed minstrel offers to sing of the hobbits’ deeds, and the entire force listens to his tale for the next few…hours?

Hear ye, hear ye.

Hear ye, hear ye.

When the tale is told, Frodo and Sam are directed to a tent where they finally change out of their rags. Gandalf comes to present them with finer clothes, as well as some of their most treasured belongings.

So, I found it interesting that, when this full story is told, presumably in song, Tolkien doesn’t write it as he has with every other song. Sure, we skip the meat of it, but the minstrel sings just as any other character speaks. Thankfully, I took this as an opportunity to not do a song today. I mean, we’ve heard it already, right?

In addition, how is it that this man knows enough about the journey to sing of it? If Frodo and Sam have been knocked out all this time, it’s not like anyone’s been talking about the finer points of their adventure. Sure, knowledge is there to be had from bits and pieces of the journey, but not all those long days and nights when they were stuck in Mordor more or less alone. Is this guy just making it up, then?

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:


He made that word up, so his creativity is not to be questioned.

No one dies today.

“‘I do not wish for any sword,’ said Frodo.”

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