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It’s eagle-flyin’ time, so best you strap up.

I'm sorry, Gwaihir can't hear you over his FREEDOM.

I’m sorry, Gwaihir can’t hear you over his FREEDOM.

Gandalf enlists Gwaihir and two other eagles to fly into Mordor. This is a rescue mission.

Frodo and Sam, meanwhile, are right where we left them. Frodo even says his last line again, so we overlap a bit. Sam encourages Frodo to shuffle on down Mount Doom, away from where the Cracks of Doom are smoking and exploding in flames and magma. They try to make it somewhere safe, but are soon trapped by the lava flows. Sam does his best to keep talking to stay his fear.

First Mentions:

-Meneldor: Fast eagle, and apparently well thought of enough by Gwaihir to be the third eagle chosen for this trip. Landroval comes too, of course. Bros before…other eagles.

In thinking about our perspective shifts, this is the first time that we’ve actually jumped back at all earlier than where we left a previous storyline. Sure, it’s only for one statement, but it happens. It also shows how important the line: “I am glad that you are here with me. Here at the end of all things, Sam,” is in the scheme of things. I think “the end of all things” is a fantastic phrase, and I use it in numerous situations.

Most of them inappropriate.

Most of them inappropriate.

Don’t forget that Frodo is missing a finger, and he would totally have passed out from loss of blood by this point.

This book is SO unrealistic.


Words My Computer Didn’t Like:


¡Hombres, the puerta!

No one dies today.

“But even while he spoke so, to keep fear away until the very last,…”


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This is going to be a short post after a harrowing two and a half hour trip through baby’s first Texas ice storm tonight. Texas doesn’t have real weather, but it does occasionally have something close, and it’s not to be messed with.

Schools are closed here tomorrow, by the way.

Schools are closed here tomorrow, by the way.

What can be messed with? Mordor. Sauron’s power is gone, and towers are falling left and right. Orcs run wild, hiding or killing themselves, and the Easterling and Southron men either flee or regroup to make a last stand. A dark cloud reaches out from Mordor, but is blown away. Sauron’s last gasp?

While Gandalf leaves the fighting to Aragorn, he talks to Gwaihir. Gandalf asks for yet one more ride on the great eagle’s back.

Gwaihir’s a nice dude. He could totally be like: “No, man. I’ve flown you all over, even when you were technically dead. My work here is done,” but he’s better than that. He’s like: “Yeah, wherever you want to go, even if you gained a few pounds.”

Gwaihir is a cool bro eagle.

What am I saying? Today was way too long.

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Just one Easterling, for any of you that may be confused about numbers. They ride in single file, to hide those.

“‘I would bear you,’ answered Gwaihir, ‘whither you will, even were you made of stone.'”

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We shift perspective. Let’s go back out to the battle, shall we?

We’re arriving with Aragorn just slightly earlier than we left Frodo and Sam. The battle still rages around him, and the eagles are just arriving to do battle with the Nazgûl. Suddenly, all forces turn tail. The Nazgûl fly off, and the ground armies see their peril. This is a valuable moment to regroup for the armies of men, and they charge forward with new hope.

Now, wait just a minute...

Now, wait just a minute…

First Mentions:

-the Field of Cormallen: Wood-lined plain southwest of the Black Gate where Aragorn is going to head after the battle. Seems like an odd name for this chapter. Oh, well.

-Landroval: Brother of Gwaihir, Windlord of the eagles. Gwaihir may be the lord, but Landroval is bigger.

-Thorondor: Great father and lord of all eagles, distantly related to Gwaihir and Landroval. We hear about him now because why not?

-the Encircling Mountains: Mountains that once stood around the hidden city of Gondolin. Thorondor lived here.

Getting some history of the eagles isn’t bad, even though it does feel out of place. Now, even though we’re talking about eagles, let’s never mention that horrible argument that the eagles should have just flown the ring to Mount Doom. That’s an argument for people who like shortcuts and clearly DON’T LIKE THIS STORY AT ALL. I have strong feelings about that.



Of all the times we’ve jumped back in time a little bit when we’ve shifted point of view, this is definitely the closest. By the end of this page, we’re caught back up to where we were, with everything in Mordor crumbling down. Now, how long until someone makes a plan to go and get Frodo and Sam? I don’t know, but that needs to happen.

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Will Cormallen show up again when it’s not all caps? Important questions.

“But Gandalf lifted up his arms and called once more in a clear voice:…”

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