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This page never had much of a chance of happening early tonight, but then I also got caught up reminiscing about the beginnings and evolution of this blog. And, well…things are going to get weird in March, you guys. WHAT IS UP WITH MY EYES.

Nope. Nothing wrong here.

Nope. Nothing wrong here.

Plot-wise, Legolas continues recounting the ride with the ghost army. They pass through lands of Gondor, mostly spreading fear, but also a little bit of hope. When they come upon a battle, both sides flee, save a stalwart leader of Lebennin. Aragorn asks them to follow their host as they ride to Anduin. Legolas sings a song about that fair land, and Gimli picks up the story when Legolas gets too wistful about the sea again.

First Mentions:

-Linhir: A small town where the battle was met. This part of Gondor is really vague for me…

-Gilrain: A river, running near Linhir. In fact, it sounds like the battle was fought on its fords.

-Angbor: Lord of Lebennin, and honorary Ghostbuster. He ain’t afraid of no ghost!

-Celos: Small stream in Lebennin. Hard “c”, everyone.

-Erui: It’s another river. Lots of rivers! There must not be a word in Middle-earth for “pond”, and so they translated it to “river”, making…SPOILERS!

That’s a lot to learn about this land. Of course, that’s because it’s memorialized in an elven song that Legolas knows. Why the elves have a song about Lebennin, I have no idea. Nothing would have ever suggested to me that this was an important place for them. But…uh, why not?

Tolkien Songs In Real Life:

I’m really glad this was a short one.

“Silver flow the streams from Celos to Erui

In the green fields of Lebennin!

Tall grows the grass there. In the wind from the Sea

The white lilies sway,

And the golden bells are shaken of mallos and alfirin

In the green fields of Lebennin,

In the wind from the Sea!”

Having feelings, I present:

War and Grass

(Fire and Rain – James Taylor)

Yeah, so I did this whole retrospective on my blog just now, and it started with the songs. I started listening back, just catching the beginning of all the tracks. This can be EPIC, you guys. First off all, there’s definitely a progression of where I get better and figure out what I’m doing (I wasn’t very good at ukulele to start – though I’m still not great), and the mood really changes as the chapters fly by. For instance, the songs at the beginning are much happier and lighter, and they’ve gotten slower and sadder (not to mention sparser) more recently.

Showing all the SHADES of a good pair of transition lenses.

Showing all the SHADES of a good pair of transition lenses.

Anyway, this drew me to look back on some of the early posts on the blog, and even back into some blogs that inspired me, all of which have ceased posting while I’ve been doing this.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:








So, what’s going to happen when I finish? Personally, I’m guessing that I’m going to suddenly sprout great black wings from my back and fly away. That’s my go-to for times like this.

Days Until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: 30

No one dies today.

“‘Many of those that we pursued had reached the havens before us, and brought…'”

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Yeah, Legolas, don’t be a grumpypants! Besides, TELL US ABOUT THOSE SCARY TIMES YOU JUST HAD.

Oh, pleaseohpleaseohplease do.

Oh, pleaseohpleaseohplease do.

In short, Merry and Pippin are now badgering Legolas and Gimli to recount their road through the Paths of the Dead to Minas Tirith. Gimli, ashamed of his fear, won’t say much. Legolas, returning to his slightly emotionless reality, felt no such fear, and can go over it again.

We only heard up to the point where the Grey Company, led by Aragorn, had enlisted the help of the ghost forces and were marching through the countryside. Well, there’s not much more exciting things right away. That march lasted four days and nights, straight across to Anduin. (I had assumed that Legolas had got sight of the sea at some point when they met the ships. Nope. They went to Anduin, and it’s really just the gulls that are giving him feelings.) All the time, the ghosts rode and marched alongside them.

I’m really glad that we’re getting this now, since it seemed to be that the ghost army was completely lost in the shuffle of war somewhere. I don’t think they made it all the way to Minas Tirith, as shown in the film, but I’m sure they had some big part to play in turning the battle against the corsair ships.

Scary ghostie!

Scary ghostie!

Tangentially, we’re also playing another one of those jump-back narrative games that we got so used to a few chapters ago. We’re not directly jumping back – Legolas is telling the story in the present action – but regardless, we’re going back to cover something that happened earlier to bring us up to sync with where we are now. Same structure, different telling.

Days Until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: 31

No one dies today.

“‘In the uplands of Lamedon…'”

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Yeah, so Legolas and Gimli are also functioning as messengers, telling Imrahil of Aragorn’s intentions from outside the city. He wants to hold a council sometime soon.

Show up, or that tiger's gonna eat you.

Show up, or that tiger’s gonna eat you.

They take their leave of Imrahil and head to visit Merry and Pippin in the Houses of Healing. They find the two frolicking in the garden. When Merry tires, and everyone begins to head inside, Legolas wistfully thinks of the sea, and its gulls calling him.

You see, Legolas recently had his first glimpse of the sea, when they attacked the corsair ships off the coast. Elves long for the water that they know they will travel over when the time comes for them to leave Middle-earth. Now that Legolas has seen it, apparently he has lost all joy for the peaceful wooded lands that he once called home. Well, so much for those, I guess? I’d never guess that Legolas (or any elf) would be so easily altered. It kind of goes counterpoint to everything that we’ve come to expect from the elder race.

And few people realize that the elves wind up in Santa's Workshop on the other side of the sea.

And few people realize that the elves wind up in Santa’s Workshop on the other side of the sea.

Really, it’s just uncomfortable seeing Legolas being rather morose. It’s as if he just doesn’t care anymore, and that’s not the Legolas we’ve come to know. Even as an aloof elf (as is their tendency), he has developed a caring for Merry and Pippin, and now a deep friendship with Gimli. Leave it to Gimli to try to pull him back.

Days Until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: 32

No one dies today.

“‘There are countless things still to see in…'”

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We’re following Legolas and Gimli now! Not since they entered the Paths of the Dead with Aragorn have we heard anything about them, and they were completely absent from the action of the battle. Yeah, they were certainly there, but we wouldn’t have known for sure.

Anyway, we’re with the elf and dwarf on the morning after the battle, as they wake up early and wish to go into Minas Tirith. Their sight is somewhat unexpected in the city.

Just a bit out of place.

Just a bit out of place.

Gimli admires the stonework and Legolas bemoans the lack of plant and animal life. No one is surprised by that. Both offer the help of their respective races to fix the problems they see.

Eventually, they run into Imrahil. Legolas honors him as a man with some elf blood in him, and they ask about the location of Merry and Pippin.

And this all makes me happy. I had missed Legolas and Gimli. Even though the battle sequence was mostly about how Aragorn was able to come to Gondor in a flurry of glory, I would have liked to see how the other characters were doing. Well, ultimately, I guess they survived, so what does it matter?

It matters to me…

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Get it.

Get it.

Days Until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: 33

No one dies today.

“‘It will be enough if you send one to guide us, lord,’ said Legolas.”

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