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I have very little desire to do this right now. Perhaps it’s fatigue. Perhaps it’s the fact that last night was such a bear. Perhaps it’s because my morning/afternoon was really rough and annoying today. I don’t know. But I promised to see this through.

We jump back once again. I’m starting to see this, at least since the beginning of Return of the King, as a structure that looks like this: A to C, B to D, C to E…and so on. One section takes us along, then another jumps back to somewhere in the middle of that action, but takes us farther by the end. Then we go back again, presumably to where we left off previously. This action moves to past where the second action in sequence ended, and then we jump back again. It’s…confusing, but I think it’s still working.

It's like a frog maze.

It’s like a frog maze.

Anyway, the action resumes at the moment where the Witch-king entered Minas Tirith, but he is drawn away by the horns of Rohan. Gandalf, standing just within the city’s gate, intends to go after the Witch-king, but Pippin catches him. Pippin comes with news of Denethor’s madness, and implores Gandalf to do something to save Faramir. Gandalf wants to pursue the Witch-king into the field, but sees the importance in this moment. Sadly, some will die without his aid in battle, but saving Faramir is paramount in his eyes. He grabs Pippin and rides up the levels of the city.

I guess we’re still supposed to feel some tension in the battle. We know its end by now, so I can’t muster up the anxiety over who will emerge triumphant. Undoubtedly, this storyline will take us closer to Denethor and the higher levels of Minas Tirith. With the battle about to be decided (and already so for those of us readers), we can focus on other things.

Like the complete inability of men of Gondor to focus on other things.

Like the complete inability of men of Gondor to focus on other things.

Of course, no one else in Gondor is questioning what’s going on with Denethor. Pippin worries that Beregond is too loyal to leave his post, and don’t get me started on the men that Denethor ordered to collect wood for the burning. Everyone acts like robots, and nothing good happens. Wake up, sheeple!

Days Until The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug: 55

No one dies today.

“Up the climbing streets of Minas Tirith they clattered, while…”


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