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Quick late night post!

That’s okay, because there’s not too much here. It’s the end of the chapter.

What arrow?

What arrow?

Théoden gives Gandalf a whole bunch of titles, honoring him for being awesome and saving the collective behinds of Rohan. Gandalf thanks Théoden, and throws his grey robes off, revealing his new white ensemble. People gasp.

With that, they ride off, trumpets blaring. Éowyn stands watching, sad and silent.

Hey, look! We haven’t shown that Gandalf is now Gandalf the White in Rohan yet! Funny how we didn’t bring that up. Now he can be all inspiring and stuff. I guess it’s also impressive that this wizard, once thought to be “the Grey” and slightly weaker, is now “the White”. All that power! Yay for power and purity and things like that.

Unrelated. Nathan Fillion?

Unrelated. Nathan Fillion?

Okay, seriously, WordPress, your image uploader is having major problems. Stop messing with it. I want the old one back.

Perhaps it’s not my place to whine about such things. Or is it? Am I, lone nerd blogger, a targeted consumer? Either way, this is bugging me like nobody’s business. And it’s my business.

Are you watching Stephen Colbert’s Hobbit Week? You should.

Days Until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 10

“Far over the plain Éowyn saw the glitter of their spears, as she stood still, alone before the doors of the silent house.”

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No matter what happens, Gimli will always dislike riding on a horse. I think that’s the only true and unchanging fact in all this. All these men have gathered to ride with Théoden to war, and all Gimli can do is grumble about how they use an inferior method of warfare. We’ll see about that.

Yep. Not intimidating at all.

Yep. Not intimidating at all.

Éomer rides up, and offers Gimli the extra spot on his horse. Though Gimli had planned to ride with Gandalf, it now appears that Gandalf will ride in front with Théoden. Dwarven copilots are frowned upon at the head of the formation. Gimli accepts, as long as Legolas rides beside them. That will be possible, and Aragorn will ride nearby as well. Quite the band we’ve formed here.

Meanwhile, Gandalf whistles to Shadowfax, who is running free on the grasses. The lord of horses speeds to his side, to the awe of all the men watching.

First Mentions:

-Snowmane: King Théoden’s personal steed. Probably white.

-Firefoot: Éomer’s horse. Red? On fire? Something like that.

So far, never, not once, has Gimli ridden with Legolas. Sorry, movies, but the text has you on this one. First Gandalf, now Éomer, but not yet his good friend, Legolas. The devil’s in the details.

There was a more powerful mind.

There was a more powerful mind.

Cool thing is, the call to arms has brought something like a thousand men here to fight. All in the span of maybe an hour. Say what you will about Rohan being a little rustic or behind the times of Gondor, but never question their loyalty. This even includes people from the surrounding towns, not just Edoras. They crawled out of the woodwork for this. It’s important.

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Oh, and did I mention that I went viral on Facebook today and inspired a marketing strategy for a university athletics program? All in a day’s work.

Days Until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 11

“‘Here now I name my guest, Gandalf Greyhame, wisest of counsel-…'”

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Perhaps I’m getting too much on Aragorn’s case right now. He does show some restraint today, noticing Éowyn’s affection for him and not letting it get any further.

You've been BLOCKED.

You’ve been BLOCKED.

They all finish their toast, and head outside, where the men of Rohan are gathering. Théoden must name someone to lead the people in his absence, and while he chooses Éomer, his nephew, as heir, he’s coming along to war as well. Someone else must be left behind. No man volunteers, but Háma does suggest that a relation of Théoden’s should be in charge…just not a man.

That leaves it up to Éowyn. She accepts, but worries at their departure. The men walk off, leaving her standing sadly behind, honorary sword in hand.

Oh, that’s an image. How sad she must be. If only she could wield that sword, and strike down those who threaten the people she cares about. If only women were allowed to fight. If only…

Yeah, that sword’s gonna get used.

Get at me, awesome fan art.

Get at me, awesome fan art.

It’s at least nice that the narrative doesn’t hit us over the head with the Éowyn-will-become-empowered storyline quite yet. It would be easy for Théoden to have brushed Háma’s idea aside, saying that there’s no way a woman like Éowyn could keep the people safe in his absence. An argument would ensue, Éowyn would eventually win out, Théoden and others would grumble at it, et cetera. This way, as it’s told, we already see that Éowyn has some power in this society. Not a lot, but she does command respect. She’s not maligned, but she still leaves us wanting more. Potential for growth.

And thank goodness that Aragorn isn’t pining after her. Ick.

Days Until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 12

“‘Men need many words before deeds. My axe is…'”

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As thanks for helping out, Théoden offers Gandalf and the three hunters gifts. Gandalf, most of all, gets the choice of whatever he wants, save Théoden’s own sword. Generous! Gandalf picks Shadowfax, once loaned, now to be his own. Théoden allows him that.

Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli get their pick from the armory. Aragorn and Legolas take mail, while Gimli, too small for the armor of men, takes a helmet and shield.

Too big!

It turns out that the shield Gimli picks used to be Théoden’s, back when he was a child. The horse of his house is upon it, and Gimli laughs that he would rather carry this horse than have a horse carry him.

Afterwards, Éowyn brings a cup of wine, and they all toast to Théoden’s health.

Gifts are fun! It’s like Christmas in Rohan.

Naturally, Théoden understands that his guests will not want weapons, as their own are better than any he could offer. It is likewise with Gimli’s own armor, even though no other here would fit him anyway. Dwarven armor is well made. I don’t think Rohan has a specific thing that they’re good at, other than horses. Maybe spears.

You know.

And Aragorn is making Éowyn all weak with his brooding eyes. Step off, dude.

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In other news, I built the first small set from my Lego Star Wars advent calendar today. It’s been a good day.

Days Until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 13

“And he looked down upon her…”

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Wormtongue is gone, and I’m completely okay with that. That just leaves the rest of everyone else to get ready for the war. And there’s one guard who has to clean up the stones where Wormtongue spat.

Buff that stuff out.

Théoden brings Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, and Gandalf inside, where a short meal is being prepared. They eat and discuss matters along with Éomer. Gandalf explains Saruman’s slow descent into evil, and how Wormtongue had simply been spying on Théoden until only recently. He had tried to stop Éomer from hunting the band of orcs earlier, but Éomer’s disobedience certainly saved a lot of trouble for everyone involved, not to mention Merry and Pippin.

It should be noted that it doesn’t appear that Gandalf actually told Théoden about Frodo and the ring. Gandalf makes reference to still keeping their greatest hopes hidden. I assume that’s what we’re talking about. So no, not even Théoden can be trusted with that information yet.

I guess, when you consider that he’s been spied upon now for months – or years – Théoden isn’t the best person to be given sensitive information.


Instead of going after the orcs who had (unknown to Rohan) taken Merry and Pippin, Wormtongue had called for riders to be sent northwards. What was up there? Nothing. He was just trying to get the defenses out of the way, and allow the orcs passage over the plains. Maybe it was even a trap! IT WAS (maybe) A TRAP!

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Wildgeese are hard to chase. In fact, chasing one is considering ludicrous in most cultures.

Days Until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 14

“‘Faithful heart may have froward tongue.'”

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Wormtongue keeps whining, but Éomer just laughs at him. As it should be.


Of course, nobody trusts Wormtongue anymore. Gandalf admits that he’s still at work against Rohan, wasting precious time. He wants to know how this happened, as Wormtongue was once a useful advisor. He was bought by Saruman, naturally, but what was the promised reward?

Ah…Éowyn. Éomer doesn’t like that one bit. However, instead of killing Wormtongue on the spot, Gandalf wants Théoden to give him a choice. He can either go along to war, or run off. Not surprisingly, Wormtongue spits at his feet and bolts away.

Run away, little man! There isn’t much question anymore as to who he answers to. But don’t forget, he was trusted once. He didn’t just show up and take over Théoden’s mind, he used to actually be a good man of Rohan. Somehow, Saruman made contact with him and took over his heart. It was all downhill from there.


Gandalf implies that Saruman won’t take kindly to Wormtongue’s failure. And, had he even succeeded in winning Rohan over, Gandalf thinks that Saruman would have easily forgotten Wormtongue’s compensation. Oops!


I’ve been saying that for months now. MONTHS. You need look no farther when you’re trying to figure out the morality of a character.

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Oh, we haven’t seen the English version of “honors” yet? I blame the English for that tardiness.

Days Until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 15

“He bared his teeth; and then with a hissing breath he spat before the king’s feet, and darting to one side, he fled down the stair.”

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Guess who’s back? Back again. Háma’s back. Tell a friend.

It would feel so empty without Háma.

Woah. WordPress totally just updated their photo uploading system. I’m gonna need a minute to deal with that.


So, Háma arrives again, this time with Wormtongue and Théoden’s sword. Wormtongue had it hidden away. Théoden takes the blade back, and scolds Wormtongue, ordering him to prepare a meal for the four guests. Wormtongue tries to whine his way out of it, and is also trying to convince Théoden that everything he’s been told just now is a lie. Yeah…that’s not going to work. In fact, Théoden wants Wormtongue to ride along with him to war. That’ll teach him!

First Mentions:

-Herugrim: Théoden’s sword. Anything that ends with “grim” better be a weapon. Guess what, it is!

And what better punishment to hand down than to make Wormtongue go to war himself? I mean, it’s not going to happen, but I like it so much. Knowing him, he’ll escape, or weasel his way out, or something like that. Théoden wants him to prove his loyalty, much like how Éomer laid his sword at Théoden’s feet. But he did that freely. Good luck getting loyalty out of Wormtongue.

I don’t know, but I like it.

Wormtongue is even said to be looking a bit beast-like as he tries to find a way out of this. In fact, every description of him is awful and creepy. He has a long tongue, a pale face, deep eyes…the list goes on and on. This isn’t a guy you want to have a long walk on the beach with.

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Oddly, “leechcraft” skates on by without the dreaded red underline of horror. I sense something fishy going on.

Days Until The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey: 16

“‘If I cannot undo their…'”

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