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And the march continues, coming out of the cover of Fangorn. Pippin looks around to see that many more ents have joined, along with…what’s that? TREES!

Not ents. Just trees.

The forest itself is coming to Isengard as well. They best be ready.

Treebeard carries Merry and Pippin to the top of a great valley, and looks down into Isengard. Here we go.

First Mentions:

-Nan Curunír: The valley of Isengard. It sounds elven and pretty. It’s not. Just a smoking hole of ruin.

Thus ends this chapter. It’s like sitting on the edge of a cliff, looking down at what is to come. What will it be? Will it be awesome? Probably. The suspense is killing me.

And we’ll totally learn about it tomorrow in the next chapter, right? There’s no way the narrative would skip around to someone else right now!

Fun. Fun. Fun. Fun.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:


I’m so sorry for bringing Rebecca Black into this. This had once been a quality blog.

“‘Night lies over Isengard,’ said Treebeard.”

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It’s not a question anymore: the ents are going to Isengard. Back on the shoulders of Treebeard, Merry and Pippin are going to learn just what that entails…and it’s not all good.

However, the first bit of info is just awesome. You know how strong trolls are?

Basically pure muscle.

As it turns out, trolls were made by evil forces in mockery of ents. Orcs were made to counter elves, so you can see that this is a common theme. As a weaker copy, trolls don’t get to be quite as strong as ents. Oh yes, that means ents are strong. Quite strong. They plan to rip Isengard to pieces, and they have the power to do it.

Unfortunately, the hobbits and Treebeard both realize that this will mean losses. Saruman won’t go down without a fight. This likely will be the last hurrah of the ents, but it is a last hurrah that they must face. The danger otherwise is too great. Even if they perish now, they would have done so later in a more humiliating way.

Die with a sword in your hand, and you’ll get into Valhalla. That’s what the vikings taught me.

Treebeard is sad about this, but not unduly so. He is happy that the ents have chosen to march. He is proud. It seems like all emotion is emanated from the ents’ eyes, and Treebeard’s sure are deep and thoughtful right about now.

Troll eyes don’t seem to have that “intelligence” thing down.

All the while, we’re marching on and on. I really don’t know where in the forest we are at this point, but Treebeard says that there is still a long way to go. For ents, that probably means quite the distance. Long strides!

“The woods fell away and they came to scattered groups of birch, and then to bare…”

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Sometimes, I get bored doing the usual things over and over again. When that happens, amazing things happen.

You get the idea.

But we’ll get to that. First off, the ents are marching to war!

Quickbeam grabs Merry and Pippin, and they go to join the march. Treebeard is leading, and every ent sings as they beat their hands and sides in time. As it turns out, Treebeard remarks that he didn’t have to do much convincing at all. For ents, this was a quick decision. They don’t get angry over much, but the threat to their lives is too great. To Isengard!

I can’t say that I could have picked a better song to use here. The ents are keeping rhythm by clapping and stomping and such? That IS “We Will Rock You”.

Tolkien Songs In Real Life:

Behold the meaty heart of the war chant:

“To Isengard! Though Isengard be ringed and barred with doors of


Though Isengard be strong and hard, as cold as stone and bare as


We go, we go, we go to war, to hew the stone and break the door;

For bole and bough are burning now, the furnace roars – we go to


To land of gloom with tramp of doom, with roll of drum, we

come, we come;

To Isengard with doom we come!

With doom we come, with doom we come!”

Rocking out, I present:

Ents Will Rock You pt.2

(We Will Rock You – Queen)

Did you listen through to the end? You better have. That was the best idea I’ve had all day, and it didn’t even take that long to learn. Thank goodness I was already singing the song in the right key!

I’m rocking on ukulele like Eddie Vedder.

Hey I, boy, I’m still alive.

In the meantime, the ents have been awakened. It’s time for war! March on! They feel betrayed by Saruman, and are out to exact justice. Nothing can keep them from that.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:


Remember “burárum“? Well, simply “rárum” means “wanton hewing”. When Treebeard used the word before, I believe he was referring to the creatures that do the wanton hewing, the orcs. See how things get added to words here?

“‘It is the orc-work, the wanton hewing – rárum – without even the bad excuse of feeding the fires, that has so angered us; and the treachery of a neighbour, who should have helped us.'”

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Oh, today is a special day. Let’s jump in.

What is this? This looks bad.

First off, Quickbeam finishes singing about his lost rowans. Merry and Pippin fall asleep for the night as he does so.

The next day…well, nothing much happens. They can hear the chanting of the Entmoot going on and on, but the two hobbits and Quickbeam stay in his home because the air is cold.

On the third day, the Entmoot ends. Much can be heard in the morning, but a sudden silence in the afternoon makes everyone take notice. A crash and shout cuts through the forest, and the ents can be heard marching off to war. Quickbeam grabs Merry and Pippin; it’s time to go.

Oh, so Quickbeam finishes that song? Let’s do that.

Tolkien Songs In Real Life:

Half yesterday, half today. Here’s the end:

“Upon your head how golden-red the crown you bore aloft!

O rowan dead, upon your head your hair is dry and grey;

Your crown is spilled, your voice is stilled for ever and a day.

O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!”

Just as sad as I predicted, I present:

Trees, Trees, Trees, Let Me Give You My Life pt.2

(Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths)

Oh, that was nice.


Remember when I said that the ents were marching off to war? Well, they’re chanting, too. Now let’s do that song.

“We come, we come with roll of drum: ta-runda runda runda rom!

We come, we come with horn and drum: ta-rūna rūna rūna rom!”

Doubling the pleasure and doubling the fun, I present:

Ents Will Rock You pt.1

(We Will Rock You – Queen)

Aw, yeah. I wanted to use that song so hard for this, and I did. Just you wait until tomorrow.

I won’t talk too much about that one. Suffice it to say that it’s a war chant. What else could I do?

All glory.

So that’s two short songs, and, honestly, most of the page. Not much else happens when there’s literally a paragraph dedicated to telling you that an entire day passed without anything important to say.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:






For some reason or another, “rūna” doesn’t appear to be a problem. I am highly skeptical of this development.

“Bregalad picked up the hobbits and strode from his house.”

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As it turns out, Quickbeam is pretty awesome. He spends the entire day with Merry and Pippin as they explore the forest around them, laughing and singing. Quickbeam is well acquainted with the situation at Isengard, as his home was destroyed in the first rounds of deforestation. He has a soft spot for rowans, and many of his favorites were felled.

No! What have you done to Gerald?!

I guess the only way to get over something that sad is to sing a song about it. And that’s what Quickbeam does!

First Mentions:

Orofarnë: One of Quickbeam’s fallen rowans.

Lassemista: Another…

Carnimírië: And the third. All fallen. Womp.

Regardless of his sadness, Quickbeam is probably the most easygoing ent. He’s younger than most, and seems to find joy in things that other ents will sit and think deeply about. Quickbeam laughs a lot, which I’m totally okay with.

Tolkien Songs In Real Life:

After a long break from songs, we’ve had a few here recently. And, sadly, this is the first of that group that doesn’t end on one page.

But…it’s not actually that long.

“O Orofarnë, Lassemista, Carnimírië!

O rowan fair, upon your hair how white the blossom lay!

O rowan mine, I saw you shine upon a summer’s day,

Your rind so bright, your leaves so light, your voice so cool and soft:…”

From the hearts of pixie dream girls everywhere, I present:

Trees, Trees, Trees, Let Me Give You My Life pt.1

(Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want – The Smiths)

Yeah, it’s the most stereotypical indie song out there. What of it?

Non-mainstream music is too mainstream nowadays.

I have a bad feeling that this song is going to end badly. Probably with the trees dying. They do that.

Maybe Quickbeam laughs to forget about it all…

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:






The conclusion of the song tomorrow!

“‘Your rind so bright, your leaves so light, your voice so cool and soft:…'”

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Well, Reddit is down, so I guess that means I have to get the blog done nice and early today. Between that, and waiting for someone to come and unclog my kitchen sink, this is turning out to be a really exciting day. At least it’s raining, so I have no desire at all to go anywhere.


Unlike Merry and Pippin, who are starting to feel lonesome and miss their friends!

No transition has ever been better.

They sit in this strange place alone, but shortly they can hear the ents’ chanting end, and Treebeard comes along to find them. He has another ent with him, and he introduces him as Bregalad, the hastiest of the ents. He has already made up his mind about Isengard, and since Treebeard knows that the rest of the Entmoot will likely take a few more days, he’s letting this guy go and hang out with Merry and Pippin. He even lives nearby.

First Mentions:

-Bregalad: More commonly known as Quickbeam, but that doesn’t really get mentioned until tomorrow. I can tell because I have the book in front of me. So hasty…

Does that end our streak of ents whose names in Elvish start with “f”? Um…no, not really, but I’ll get into that tomorrow. Bregalad/Quickbeam isn’t his real name.

Is he a master of disguise?

Nonetheless, he is a hasty ent! I’m sure in the scheme of things he’s just as slow of a thinker as the slowest of the other races, but in ent-terms, that can still be pretty fast. My thought on his current decision (probably in favor of attacking Isengard) is that he must have knowledge of the situation. Treebeard remarks that he still has to explain things to the ents who are not as familiar with Isengard, so I would assume that Quickbeam isn’t one of those ents. Making an educated decision is the best choice. If only that was what we all did.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:



Okay, hold on there. We’ve used “Treebeard’s” already. I checked. Why is this a problem now? Is it because it ends a sentence? I’m confused, and will grumble about this as much as I can.

“‘Ha, hmm, my friends, let us go for a walk!’ he said. ‘I am Bregalad,…'”

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It’s probably best that Merry and Pippin don’t listen to the Entmoot. It could get boring. Best run along now!

Be free!

Treebeard ushers them away while the ents get down to business. A great deal has been decided, but mostly superficial things like the agreement that Merry and Pippin are not orcs. He shows the hobbits where to get water, and then returns to his meeting. Merry and Pippin, of course, go exploring. Not too far away they find a spot where they can look out over the forest to the fields of Rohan. The last peak of the Misty Mountains looms up nearby, and Merry describes as best he can what and where Isengard is in relation to their current position. He hopes the ents decide to attack it, and if they do, he fears what terrors they could become when angry.



It’s a good point, though pretty unfounded as of right now. Who’s to say the ents are strong and terrible? Only me, and anyone else who knows the story, but we’re not even there yet. Calm down.

I’m actually kind of sad that we don’t get to hear the full Entmoot. Think of all the interesting words we’re missing! All that “a-lalla-lalla-lind-or-fin-la-hoopy-doopy-blabblesquat” that I’ve become so fond of is happening without us. I’m really broken up about this right now. That, and my sinuses are horribly unhappy with me.

But of course, Merry is right. He often is. It’s Pippin that we always have to worry about. Do not be hasty!

I sometimes wonder if writing these late at night is better or worse. My funny works better now, but it also comes out a little more incoherently. All I’m saying is that I better find a way to use “a-lalla-lalla-lind-or-fin-la-hoopy-doopy-blabblesquat” in a sentence in real life. Otherwise, this has all been for naught.

“‘I know what you mean. There might be all the…'”

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