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Everything feels so fresh! It’s not just a new chapter. It’s not just a new “book”. It’s a new section/book/trifecta thing!

Today’s typing included all of those headers. And I had to create three new categories. Big stuff is happening.

But mostly headers.

All of a sudden…it’s Aragorn time! For the first time, we’re seeing the action through Aragorn’s perspective. He climbs up Amon Hen in search of Frodo’s tracks, and notices that he doubled back down the hill. At the summit, there’s nothing much to be seen anyway.

Far off, Aragorn hears the calls of orcs, followed by Boromir’s war horn. He sprints off, following the noises until they stop abruptly. He finds Boromir about a mile from the lawn, laying against a log, pierced by arrows.

Well that image is correct!

Making not the kissing. We’ll get there.

And no, sadly Aragorn doesn’t bust in and slash the head off of some beastly Uruk-hai. That’s purely movie creation. It’s awesome, but not in the text. And we don’t even know about Uruk-hai yet!

Really, what specifically climactic battle is in the text? That’s not a thing that we’re really concerned with here.

Meanwhile, Aragorn’s ascent to the Seat of Seeing is enlightening. It’s a moment of pride. He, the heir to the throne of Gondor, wants to look across his lands and find the answers to his problems. In addition to finding Frodo, maybe he could scout the enemy, much like Frodo did earlier. And none of that happens.

Frodo was wearing the ring, maybe that’s important, but Aragorn doesn’t see any far-reaching visions like the ring-bearer did. He’s just a man like any other. However, instead of basking in the glory (or lack thereof) of the view, he runs to help Boromir as soon as the horn is heard. That’s called being honorable, folks.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:


All-caps names in chapter titles tend to get the look of disdain from spellcheck. This is unfortunate.

“But Aragorn saw that he was pierced with many black-feathered arrows; his sword was still in his hand, but it was…”


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