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Faramir’s curiosity grows with each discovery, and today’s is the fact that this strange creature, Gollum, has been Frodo’s guide. Really? This thing?

It's like having Danny DeVito as a basketball coach.

It’s like having Danny DeVito as a basketball coach.

Regardless, Faramir will allow Gollum to live, if he can be captured. They can’t take the chance of him leaving on his own accord, and being captured or something by orcs who would torture him to find the secret paths to the caves. Frodo volunteers to go down to him, and try to talk him into coming inside. Faramir sends him down with Anborn.

Anborn is a bit grumbly. He doesn’t help Frodo much more than telling him not to fall in the pool. If he drowns, it’s his own problem.

Alone in the dark, Frodo crawls his way towards the sound of Gollum’s voice. He’s murmuring to himself, and it doesn’t sound good. He feels betrayed. Bad news.

Today’s Gollum Meter: 18 – “Ick. You’re back to talk of throttling.”

And Sam? No mention of him. I guess he’s still on the cliff above, vaguely watching. If, that is, he ever approached the edge. He didn’t want to get too close earlier. No railings.

Oddly enough, Frodo’s lack of railings (there aren’t any along the pool, unsurprisingly) make him crawl in a certain way…”Gollum-like”. So, metaphorically, Frodo must become like Gollum in order to level with him and make him come inside to be saved from the aim of the bowmen. It’s all about understanding. Frodo is learning to understand this strange being, even though he talks to himself about killing everyone.

Like that one movie where Gerard Butler said he was going to kill everyone.

Like that one movie where Gerard Butler said he was going to kill everyone.

And finally, Faramir’s reasoning makes plenty of sense. It’s less about Gollum’s ability to sneak into the pool, but the possibility that this information could be discovered and used against the men. Gollum is a liability now. I mean, he always was, but more so now, and to more people.

No one dies today.

“Frodo shivered, listening…”

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Faramir isn’t making this easy. Frodo now has to explain exactly why they shouldn’t shoot Gollum, and the easy way won’t cut it. He first explains that Gollum must have no idea the danger that he’s in. He probably doesn’t even know that he’s wandered into a secret hideout. Also, he’s probably been drawn there, by a great power.

He's been drawn here, too.

He’s been drawn here, too.

The ring? NO! Silly. Fish. Gollum loves him some fish. Frodo explains, to Faramir’s surprise, that Gollum held the ring for a time, but it’s really the fish from the pool that he wants. They watch as he eats.

Still, Faramir is unmoved. Anborn has the shot lined up, and wants to take it, but Faramir continues milking Frodo for answers.

Today’s Gollum Meter: 74 – “Aww, you’re such a simpleton.”

To answer my question from yesterday, Gollum really is just that sneaky. Faramir knew of his existence, clearly, and sent his best trackers after him. They lost him. Only Anborn saw anything, and that was brief. Now, Gollum has turned up in the pool, without anyone realizing that he was coming. Yes, he’s just very, very sneaky, sir.

However, I scoff at the notion that the desire for fish is so powerful as to bring Gollum to this place.

Even as tasty as it is.

Even as tasty as it is.

Can he smell fish from miles away? I’d think then he’d always be smelling it. What brought him here? Come on, it’s the ring. I’m not judging, just being real.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:



Ye olde compound words, causing all the problems.

No one dies today.

“‘And Gandalf, your Mithrandir, he would have bidden…'”

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Sam tried stealth! It failed.

I am hidden! You cannot see me!

I am hidden! You cannot see me!

Feeling unnerved by the cliffs, Sam mutters to himself (sort of), which easily catches Faramir’s attention. He scolds Sam for following, but doesn’t do anything drastic. He motions for Frodo to come over to look off the edge. Standing there at guard is Anborn, the man who came back into the caves with a strange report of a squirrel or something following them in the forest. He’s found that “squirrel” again, and it’s diving in the pool below. He now awaits Faramir’s orders to fire upon it. Faramir checks with Frodo first…and Frodo begs Faramir to spare this creature. Gollum, of course.

Today’s Gollum Meter: 53 – “And…you’re back. With a blatant disregard for rules? As always.”

Let’s be honest, there’s no point in harassing Sam right now for his mistakes. Until he learns from them, there isn’t a good reason to punish him. Something bad will naturally happen, or at least it should, as the world works things out. Sure, Faramir could have Sam dragged away, or something like that, but I really don’t think it would accomplish anything. What he needs is a solid smackdown from someone who is in the business of doing that sort of thing. Faramir doesn’t want to hurt him, and Sam knows that. So, a good talking to is alright for now. But only for now.

The internet is really, really great...

The internet is really, really great…

But here’s always my question about this part: how did Gollum manage to get into the pool without anyone noticing? This is a highly guarded area, right? And they only see him once he’s in? Sure, I guess a part of it has to do with Faramir knowing that he’s hanging around with Frodo and Sam, so they let it slide a little bit. But still, I don’t understand how, with heightened security following the ambush, anyone could let anything suspicious even slip through for a second. Maybe he’s just that good. Maybe this was Faramir’s plan all along. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:



If “nightlands” isn’t a word, then where is Khal Drogo riding for eternity? WHERE, I ASK?!

No one dies today.

“If Sam had dared, he would have said ‘Yes,’ quicker…”

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I shouldn’t be surprised when Sam acts like he does today: reacting to something he finds suspicious. Frodo’s been woken up by Faramir, and led away to help with something. Sam, waking suddenly to find Frodo’s bed empty, quickly follows along. They go down dark hallways and up a winding stair to the top of the waterfall, a dark pool on the edge of a cliff.

Through all of this, Sam follows like a little hidden puppy.

It is unconfirmed if Frodo is wearing heels.

It is unconfirmed if Frodo is wearing heels.

There’s not a whole lot for me to analyze here, and I’m really honestly done with making fun of Sam for his rash decisions. When you gather that we’ve come to an understanding of friendship of Faramir, there’s not a lot for Sam to be suspicious about. I think his instinct to follow is more out of curiosity. And, well…I guess curiosity has a bad reputation.

Thankfully, we've established that Sam's a puppy.

Thankfully, we’ve established that Sam’s a puppy.

Should I comment on the beautiful early morning weather? That seems unimportant.

Ah, yes. Besides, I’m not the most important blog post out there. Go read today’s Hyperbole and a Half.

No one dies today.

“Far off in the West the full…”

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