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May we go a-boating?

One does not simply banana boat into Mordor.

Haldir recommends that the group get familiar with how the boats handle, because…well that’s important! After dividing up into the three boats, the Fellowship is led by Aragorn up the Silverlode for a test run. Ahead they hear music, and an enormous swan comes drifting into view. Celeborn and Galadriel are inside, and Galadriel is singing sweetly.

Weirdness: I thought I was going to have some First Mentions today because when I Command-F searched for some terms, they didn’t come up in the earlier text. In truth, that’s because they’re in the part of the text that I lost when my flash drive crashed!

Yeah…I still have a LOOOONG ways to go to catch up on that.

Fellowship of the LATE: 97 pages

But yeah. Epic swan boat. Because swans are epic.

As pictured.

But it makes sense to be the royal barge of Lothlórien.

Tolkien Songs In Real Life:

So, if Galadriel sings, does it have to be the most beautiful thing ever? No, or at least I would hope not. Here it is.

“I sang of leaves, of leaves of gold, and leaves of gold there grew:

Of wind I sang, a wind there came and in the branches blew.

Beyond the Sun, beyond the Moon, the foam was on the Sea,

And by the strand of Ilmarin there grew a golden Tree.

Beneath the stars of Ever-eve in Eldamar it shone,

In Eldamar beside the walls of Elven Tirion.

There long the golden leaves have grown upon the branching


While here beyond the Sundering Seas now fall the Elven-tears.”

With the longest lines EVER, I present:

Let Sail pt.1

(Let Go – Frou Frou)

Yeah, early Imogen Heap! But seriously, the lines in this song are really long. So much so that one is actually spilling onto a second line. (That would be the one where “years” is on its own line…awkwardly.) But the soaring vocals in this song work in my mind for Galadriel. Right? She’s kind of like Florence + The Machine. I should have used Florence + The Machine.

Oh, and Tirion is not Tyrion. Differences.

Fools. All of you.

Oh, and this song has two parts to it. Because of course it does.

While here beyond the Sundering Seas now fall the Elven-tears.”


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Today is a glorious day. 69 Burgers returns! After nearly a year-long hiatus, the blog that more or less inspired mine is back up. At least…for now. Ned blogs a new burger when he pleases. So hopefully he keeps going.

My deepest congratulations.

Much the same, the Fellowship soldiers along. Haldir leads them for some miles, nearly to where the Silverlode and Anduin join. Naturally, the land is beautiful. They find three boats moored and ready for them, just up the Silverlode. All of their belongings are put on board, and each boat has three coils of rope each. Sam takes notice, and an elf explains how strong it is, yet light. Sam apparently has a love for rope-making. If they had more time, the elves could have taught him their methods, but alas.

First Mentions:

-Hithlain: The best rope EVER. Light and thin, yet incredibly strong, and silken to feel.

Tolkien is really into rope. Sam’s been complaining about the lack of it ever since Rivendell, and here the elves put such import into their craft. It reminds me of what a friend told me once about the Lord of the Rings musical that tried out in Toronto. Apparently, the production sold the entire city of Toronto out of rope. Wherever you went, the rope was out of stock. THE WHOLE CITY OF TORONTO. Rope was important, I guess. And Tolkien appears to set that precedent.

Possibly Tolkien’s favorite movie.

Fellowship of the LATE: 96 pages

Sam calls rope-making “in the family”. So, his duties as a gardener also include rope-craft? (Is that even a thing?) I don’t know why that’s a worthwhile skill for a gardener to have, but I guess it is. You never know when you might need to plant some hanging gardens.

And I do mean HANGING gardens.


Words My Computer Didn’t Like:



When looking up what a hythe was, I found that the sentence given was Tolkien’s sentence from the text. Sounds like he was the only one using it. Way to go.

“‘May it serve you well!'”

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Can you believe that it’s nearly been a year since I began this endeavor? No joke. My first day was July 27th, and we’re rapidly approaching that. Much has happened since that day, in Middle-earth and elsewhere.

But let’s talk about clothes!

What this blog was always meant to be about.

Aside from the lembas, the elves give the Fellowship cloaks. These cloaks are made of a light material, and will camouflage anyone in almost any circumstance. Sounds like the exact thing one would expect to come out of Lothlórien! With that, they are ready to go, and Haldir arrives to be their guide once again.

First Mentions:

-the Northern Fences: The northern borders of Lothlórien, as if that was surprising. Haldir has been guarding them for as long as the Fellowship has been in Lothlórien. He must be important or something.

But what do I mean about the cloaks being expected of Lothlórien? Well, the power of Galadriel’s ring is protection. These cloaks are the essence of protection. They will blend in with wood, stone, grass…and seemingly anything. That’s not a typical attribute of clothing. Add to that the fact that Galadriel and her personal servants made these themselves, and you’ve certainly got some magic going on. It’s not even a question.

It’s a cloaking device.

Fellowship of the LATE: 95 pages

I’m not the only one anymore. EVERYONE wants the Fellowship to be named. And by “EVERYONE”, I mean other people, too. At least one other person has vocalized their displeasure with the length of time needed to name the Fellowship. I am not alone!

On a completely divergent side note, let it be known that I WILL manage to write these blog posts everyday. I have not failed as of yet, and I have no intention to do so anytime soon. I have no fear that I will triumph in my task.

Fear cuts deeper than swords.

So, lembas and cloaks, what next? Sounds like the elves of Lothlórien are outfitting the Fellowship quite well!

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:


I BLAME THE ENGLISH! For all of this mockery of words ending in -or. All of it.

“‘If any of you had thought of…'”

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I find myself urging many people in my life to make decisions. Life is easier when you do. If you don’t, you’ll do things halfway without knowing whether or not you really want to do them. And that’s not okay.

Mordor or chocolate?

And now, the Fellowship must decide what to do. But that won’t be as easy as it should be.

Boromir advises that they all make for Minas Tirith, and seems to suggest that destroying the ring isn’t in their best interests. Frodo is suspicious of ulterior motives at play. But, to bed with you!

In the morning, elves arrive to help them with their arrangements. They come bearing a sort of cake-bread, which Gimli dismisses until he tries it. Then, he eats a lot of it.

First Mentions:

-Lembas: Cakey bread that fills you up. Delicious!

And there it is, everyone’s favorite magical bread. Supposedly, only a small bite is enough to fill you up as if it were a full meal. Whenever I think of it, it sounds like something that Willy Wonka came up with.

Oh, you don’t need more than a bite to be full?

Lembas is also known as “waybread”, presumably because it’s bread that you eat upon your way.

Actually, that might not be true. But it makes sense to me.

Fellowship of the LATE: 94 pages

Okay, so what’s Boromir hiding? He wants to use the ring against Sauron. Because that will totally work. Elrond told him off it back in the Council, but apparently the opinion of ONE OF THE WISEST BEINGS IN MIDDLE-EARTH has no bearing anymore. And even in the last chapter, Frodo learned that the ring can only be used according to one’s own power. Sure, Boromir is probably more “powerful” than Frodo right now, but he’d still be corrupted. It happens to everyone.

All of this goes to prove one thing about Boromir: HE’S JUST NOT THAT GOOD.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:



The Middle-earth cookbook is basically just lembas. Who needs anything more?

“‘Why, it is better than the honey-cakes of the Beornings, and that is great praise, for the Beornings are the…'”

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Sometimes, I get ahead of myself. That’s the one hangup with only reading a single page a day. Yesterday, I chewed out Celeborn for leaving Merry out of the boat-parade. Today, Merry puts himself in the conversation.

Aw yeah.

Celeborn acknowledges his error, and all is well. He agrees to give the Fellowship boats, and plans to have everything ready by tomorrow at midday. All head to bed, though the Fellowship continues to debate their course of action. Without a clear leader, no one makes a strong decision. Aragorn had planned to head to Minas Tirith, but that was before the loss of Gandalf. Now he feels that he must stay with the ring, wherever it may need to go.

First Mentions:

-Sarn Gebir: Rapids on Anduin. The boats will need to be carried around them. Who’s excited for portage scenes?

-Rauros: The great waterfalls of Anduin. Another place where the boats will need to be carried. If we get there. We won’t.

-Nen Hithoel: The great lake of Anduin. Emptied by Rauros, the lake is some 20 miles long.

Features of the river! Rapids, waterfalls, and a lake…what else can there be? I declare today River Day!

River Day just got more awesome.

Fellowship of the LATE: 93 pages

But now we can all learn the value of a leader! If Gandalf were here, the way forward would be left up to him. Without him, it’s chaos. Sure, Aragorn’s been leading the way, but even he’s conflicted at this juncture. It seems like he’s torn between the duty of the Fellowship and his destiny of ruling the kingdoms of men. The dream he had a while back is brought up again today. Wasn’t that back in the Council of Elrond?

Reading this slowly sure wrecks your memory of small events.

Words My Computer Didn’t Like:





I can’t wait for the falls of RAWRos.

“But in Moria the burden of Gandalf had been laid on him; and he knew that he could not now…”

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Happy 4th of July!

And I do mean that to everyone, because, regardless of where you live, this is/was the 4th of July. I hope it’s been swell.

In this part of the world, we like to celebrate by blowing things up.

New chapter! Everyone congregates in Celeborn’s hall once again, as he gets them ready to leave the next morning. There’s a grand speech and all, and Celeborn extends the offer that anyone wishing to forgo the journey may remain in Lothlórien for a time. No one seems to want to stop.

Boromir expresses his intent to head for Minas Tirith, and since that’s on the way, why not stick with the crew? Celeborn asks if all are making for Minas Tirith, and exposes the fact that the next leg of the journey is undecided. Either way, the Great River cannot be crossed from Lothlórien south to Osgiliath, and those southern bridges are held against them. Perhaps boats will come in handy?

First Mentions:

-the Forest River: The river of Legolas’ people in Mirkwood. Since they live around it, they must be skilled in boats, right?

Celeborn totally neglects that fact that Merry is a Brandybuck, and thus has some experience with watercraft. He names Legolas, Boromir, and Aragorn worthy of guiding boats, but not him. Pah! What an oversight.

Fellowship of the LATE: 92 pages

Nice touch though on mentioning that the river can’t be crossed from here on south for a ways. They don’t call it the Great River for nothing.

I hope you’re prepared to lose some oxen.

But actually, the choice to take boats and drift down the river is definitely the best option. If you cross here, you’ll have a long way to go south through troubled lands on the east side. If you march all the way down on the west side, you’ll be in the grips of the enemy by the time you want to cross. With boats, you can land on the opposite shore whenever you want!

Handy things, these boats are. Perhaps the journey south will speed up a bit.

“‘There are some among you who can handle boats: Legolas, whose folk know the swift Forest River; and Boromir of Gondor; and Aragorn the traveller.'”

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